Content Development Services

The services offered in this area involve the creation and management of printed or digital material, from inception through completion, and include the following:

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  • Editorial evaluation of content, making sure it is properly formatted, edited, fact-checked, and prepared for publication
  • Working with photographers and illustrators on incorporating visual elements
  • Making sure complex, scientific, or technical material is clear for nontechnical, general audiences
  • Creating production schedules and making sure all the elements and people working on the content are on time
  • Clearing rights and permissions for images, artwork, or previously published material
  • Preparing content for layout and design, either in printed material, such as books, reports, and brochures, or digital formats, including decks and websites

Communications and Promotional Services

The services offered in this area involve communications and promotion and include the following:

Nina Schuyler, author of The Translator, signing at Book Passage

  • Developing and leading communications strategies for companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals looking to increase the visibility of their programs, projects, content, or products
  • Creating schedules and framework for carrying out months-long or years-long campaigns
  • Refining and preparing messaging, content, and branding to be sure communications are clear and compelling
  • Preparing press releases and pitching media
  • Garnering media attention in national, local, and regional media outlets, including print, radio, television, websites, and blogs
  • Consulting on and creating content for social media platforms
  • Setting up and coordinating events
  • Inspiring social change, increasing engagement and activity, and providing educational experiences with audiences, membership, followers, and the general public