Book Production and Content Development Services

The services offered in this area involve the project management of a book or other printed or digital material, from inception through completion, and include the following:

Perito Moreno National Park, published by the Conservation Land Trust

  • Evaluation of a manuscript and its editorial needs, hiring and overseeing the work a developmental editor or a copy editor does on a manuscript with the writer
  • Working with photographers and illustrators on incorporating any visual elements
  • Creating a production schedule and making sure all the elements and the people working on the project are coming together on time
  • Clearing rights and permissions as required for the inclusion of excerpts, previously published material, and artwork
  • Preparing a manuscript for layout and design
  • Hiring and overseeing the work of a designer for cover and layout
  • Hiring and overseeing the proofreading work and final corrections when the content is in layout
  • Preparing the book or other content for press
  • Working with printers on print estimates and costs, and overall printing process
  • Delivery of book or other content to client, publisher, or distributor

Promotion Services

The services offered in this area involve publicity and promotion and include the following:

Nina Schuyler, author of The Translator, signing at Book Passage.

  • The creation of a press release or press kit
  • Several months prior to publication or the release of a product, outreach to long-lead media outlets (print, online, radio, television)
  • A month or two prior to publication or product release, outreach to  short-lead media outlets (print, online, radio, television)
  • Individualized pitch letters and follow-up to all media contacts
  • Consultation on social media campaign
  • Set-up and coordination of events